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Using Digital photography to find Gold UAV Drone

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Hi all

i have started my University studies and want to develop modern eco prospecting methods. The majority of my study is on earth systems. Geology, Physics, Mathematics and Chemistry that sort of stuff.

i plan to use digital Photography and lightweight drones to map prospective areas for minerals. Specifically minerals that host gold, Quartz, Iron and some of the associated Sulphides we get down here. It offers the advantage of being able to go up and look at unstable cliff faces without any personal OH&s issues, etc.

The technique is unique and i'm the only person in the world i can find doing anything remotely like it.

Basically im using recognition software to crunch out the angles on the minerals. It is the unique property that distinguishes minerals. The other sensors are common sensors like Sonar, Temp, Moisture and magnetics.

One of the key benefits is i can analyse any "commons image" digital photos for background data.
UAV Drone geological mapping is a the new big thing is survey and many companies already produce drones with mapping software and tools for mining. My method uses some of the same technology in a different way to produce more detailed mapping. ... urvey.html

kindest regards

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