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Post by admin » Mon Sep 16, 2013 6:00 pm

There’s gold in them thar hills!

In Launceston itself, in fact.

Take a pan to the Cataract Gorge, says geologist and author, Peter Manchester. If you take a look in the potholes at Duck Reach, he says you’ll see specks of gold. People used to pan there, and he doesn’t know why it isn’t promoted more now!

The gold is coming down from Beams Hollow, near Hadspen, and is just one of the unique geological features which have inspired Peter to write and speak about the gorge.

Did you know about the unique laterite deposits as well?

The earthquakes 40 million years ago which created the landmark?

By the way, if a mention of earthquakes makes you nervous, Peter explains why they aren’t a risk in the area anymore, “Not again because we’re on a plate which moved, which caused the fault in the first place, but that plate’s moved away and we’re not in a high earthquake zone any more."

Phew! But we are in gold-panning country. Could this be the launch of a new hobby craze in Northern Tas?

Peter brought his sold-out book, Created from Chaos, and a sample of the Cataract Gorge gold into the studio for Breakfast with Belinda King.

taken from: ABC Northern Tas

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Re: Launceston

Post by cybran » Wed Mar 12, 2014 5:21 pm

i myself have taken my mighty little pan to the river at duck reach with no luck at yet how ever i have been to the hadspen picnic ground there and found great amounts of gold right where people are swimming.

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Re: Launceston

Post by Philski » Wed Mar 12, 2014 6:17 pm

Hi Cybran that's awesome, thanks. and still so close to town.

There are a lot of terrace gravels on the "new" highway coming out of Launceston towards Devonport ive always wanted to sample. The new road cut them. I contacted MRT about how far away from the road is the road but could not get a clear answer. strange question, but that area i had specifically in mind. The south esk above the power station was diverted to Duck reach by the Hydro. The tunnel (penstock) runs right thought the hill to the power station from Deadmans Hollow about a km or two upstream from their. On google maps at the big bend there looks to be plenty of exposed crevices and if there is any gravel on that spur, would be worth a look for sure.Ive not had a look at the area myself only historical stuff and what looks obvious from maps etc.
I got my kids a couple of the mini turbo pans so will give Hadspen a go next time we head towards Launceston. Sounds like a great place to let the little people have a go.

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