Tarkine Prospecting

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Tarkine Prospecting

Post by Philski » Wed Jun 25, 2014 5:01 pm

Hi all

I just got permission to prospect on one of the largest tenements in the Tasmanian Tarkine Region today. Im not there to destroy it. Far from it. Directly North East of Savage River mine and directly South of the Savage River National Park! Centered on the old 19 mile Osmiridium field one EL50/2011 and there is a huge new ERA hard up against the Savage river National Park just to the North. So, now have both sides of savage river mine covered. And, some of the most productive and interesting ground in the state. Men Like Gould, Sprent, Burgess and Moore. All explored this area with many walking to the pieman and beyond via post office creek and the button grass planes on extensive quartzite fields. It interesting to note the Use of fire to create these habitats is mentioned often. But, its actually the geology beneath that creates the conditions for fire. An excellent example is at under Mount Donaldson in the road cutting. silly parks. amalgamate them with service tas.
The image above has the areas in the heart of the Tarkine with exploration permissions in place. Ive spent a bit of time getting all the permissions over the last year or so for many reasons and looking at it now, it's pretty extensive. I have all approvals in writing, for all the areas in Green already in the map above. It would easily be the largest combined tenement area in the entire Tarkine region. The most amazing thing in the area is the geology! so im very lucky really. I've explored some of the other areas in blue extensively in the past and am looking forward to building on that with some new ground to cover. Hopefully pick up remnant tracks.The pipeline road is also under ERA and that offers the chance to cross cut the entire area
if anyone from the tarkine coalition would like to let me know what to expect in there would be really appreciated! The geology biodiversity, water quality, flora or fauna, history etc. im sure they must spend ages in it. To know so much about it. I used a Heart, to show the extent of my love for them.
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