The weld river kicked my arse

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The weld river kicked my arse

Post by ratters » Mon Dec 01, 2014 10:35 am

Managed finally to squeeze a free and clear weekend so headed north and up to the Weld for a bit of sapphire hunting.

Well, I thought im going to really give this some effort and make sure I come away with the goods. First stop was at Moorina in the public fossicking area, went up river a fair way and then proceeded to dig an almighty hole under some cobbles, to the point of having to strip down to my undies and get wet (water was nice though!) and it ended up being very deep. Sad results though, about 10 small and poor quality sapphires, a few nice topaz and a couple of zircons. And half way through I snapped my shovel so had to run back into Scottsdale and buy a new one.
Tried the next day up at the public area closer to weldborough, same thing basically I tried to get away from the parking area and went a ways up stream, found a good undisturbed bed of large cobbles and went to town, very hard compacted wash so it was hard going but i actually got through it and into some grey silt 1m down. The hole got almost as deep as my long handle shovel. Again, very poor results for the effort and pretty frustrated to be honest after busting my guts on it!
Had a crack in the ringarooma river up at the bridge at mutual road, and found it chockers with small topaz but no blues..
Also went and had a look where the garibaldi road crosses the frome river but the granite bedrock was almost totally washed clean up there and not much wash to dig into, and some deep kind of channels running through it that i didnt want to fall into.
So all told not amazing results for the effort but i'm not giving up hope, next trip I may well give the old bush bashing a go and hike into the river where it hasnt been flogged out. Got a couple of weeks over Xmas so I might try again then, if anyone else is keen around that time let me know!

On an interesting side note, I spoke to a fellow who found a pea sized sapphire in the weldborough hotel camp area, apparently whatever gravel they laid there has stones in it and a number have been picked up off the ground.

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Re: The weld river kicked my arse

Post by ron » Mon Dec 01, 2014 8:25 pm

Hi Ratters

I will be in the region over xmas break, my base is St Helens, please count me in have a few friends that may be keen as well.
I was about to post the fact that the road was closed at Moorina where i wanted to go down to the Weld & Frome rivers again. There are a lot of bridge works throughout our municipalities at the moment. I went to Pioneer & panned some gold under the bridge.
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Re: The weld river kicked my arse

Post by Burbury » Mon Dec 01, 2014 9:41 pm

Hi all , i thinks the WELD and Co have had a fair hammering over the last few years , but still some small stones to be had for
a hard days work in the right area . my understanding is Sapphires don't travel too far and some replenishing happens with heavy rains from time to time . Nice to see some gold from that area Ron ! Mt Cameron intrigues me a lot and i reckon as well as
gems and great smokey quarts there is still gold to be had there but research is needed eh ! there is some good looking ground up there but very overgrown and hard to access . is there an EL up there ? i am keen to get back to the NE and do some
sieving etc and please let me know when or if you might be able to get away over the break !! would love to tag along , might get there sooner if i can get away from work for a few days .

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